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Goa Sea Beach is a most beautiful sea beach of india.Going to Goa beach I was full of pictures and anticipation of what would happen
Every time I thought about Goa, I imagined trans music and disco neon lights. I would think of a beach full of international neo-hippies that explore their mind through yoga and meditation, and "magic mushrooms" at night. Beaches: 

I expected them to be healthy, but probably not too clean. On the premises? Probably some tourism industry workers and middle class youths join the group.

Oh my ganesh, that picture will be broken soon
Our night bus reached North Goa at Mapusa bus stand in the morning. Calling it a bed bus is actually an exaggeration. There are nice and relatively spacious beds but forget about the sleeping area. The road was bumpy, the driver imitating the pursuit of a wild car, and when he stepped on the brakes, we all first stepped foot in front of the bus.

From the bus station we wanted to take a motorcycle rental and head straight to the beach. My list of embarrassingly long cow broken assumptions began somewhere between the last step of the bus (left leg) and the first landing of my right foot on the dumb.

Goa Lesson # 1: There is no "useful" crowd


Those scammers, resellers, thieves, beggars, and monks with magical powers all waited for a bite from you as you got off the bus, not there. We leave the bus and enter on a quiet morning. People were still half awake and didn't notice us. We had to open motorcycle rental shops and beg to do business with us. However, it was a welcome experience, as we prepared for a crowd of people who wanted to share tips and sell tours, transfers and snacks.

Goa Mapusa busstand shows a small Indian shop and a tea stool with plastic malls.
Peaceful arrival in Goa

We go to the beach, first on the larger roads, then turn around the smaller roads. In the first kilometers, several drivers who came in the opposite direction illuminated us. I wasn't sure how I did anything with the bike or the way I drove it, or whether it was a local way of greeting a foreigner. I soon learned that it was because I was driving with the lights on during the day. In my country of birth, the law claims that in India it is stupid. So please sign that I'm wasting the lights.


I soon found my second lesson. I thought we were going to the Goa beach, well ...

Goa Lesson # 2: Goa is not just Goa
Not Goa Beach, Goa is an Indian state that covers just 100 kilometers (63 miles) of coastline. The coast is a mixture of rocky cliffs, small bays and beaches. There are more than 30 named beaches, and like the beaches of Southeast Asia, they each have different features, options, and clients, even located next to each other. This map will give you an idea of ​​the long stretch of Goa beaches. Not all sections of the beach are mentioned on the map, and many beaches have an overlap, because some areas are long covered

Detailed map of Goa beaches

Goa Beach: So much to explore!


We will go to the beach with the small towns of Goa. Goa was a Portuguese colony until 1961, and the effects of colorful houses, churches and ancient fortifications are clearly evident. If it weren't necessary to get to the sea, we would stop by to take pictures of each town and enjoy the city's atmosphere.

View from the Portuguese Church of Goa Reyes Magos, India
View from the Church of Goa Reese Magos

The first stop was the small vegator. It is not a prehistoric dinosaur, it is a beach known as Ozran Beach. When we arrived, there was a Bollywood movie on the beach. Something else caught my attention ...

Goat Lesson # 3: Freely roaming cows also enjoy the beaches
There were cows walking freely on the beach. All in all an interesting visit. What you would think your partner put on sunscreen is that a cow can lick salt from your sweaty back.

Cows on the Goa beach of India
Goa beach cows are not uncommon to see


We decided to head south and find a place to spend the night. We went to Anjana beach, which is thought to be the most popular of the Goa beaches after the Boga beach. The Arjun beach is 5-7 km (2-5 miles) long and is actually divided into three parts. This is where hippies from the 60s and 70s experimented with alternative lifestyles. Today, it continues to be the center of Goa festivals, and accommodation and markets bear witness to this era. We wanted to find accommodation for the night and leave us

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