Pushkar Mela | Beautiful Place Of India Pushkar Rajasthan-

Pushkar Mela|Beautiful Place Of India Pushkar Rajasthan- 

Pushkar Rajasthan is a beautiful place in the world.Have many places for visit in this city.Every year thousand of peoples come for see the beauty of pushkar.Great camel mela are stay here in pushkar.Its a big or most beautiful mela in the world.Its really a beautiful city in the world.So don't be late for visit this beauty of this city.pollution of India don't do the good stuff hey guys how's it going here in pushkar the fair is over.things have mellowed out considerably it is a much different scene now much quieter and more peaceful less insane than the one I did in another post a couple of days ago a good super sweet. so up ahead is the lake just through there but I showed that before and. so I'm going to head on down this way follow these lanes and give a taste of a Puskar because it is a very nice town to visit even. if the fair isn't going on in fact every other time I've been here the fair wasn't right no thank you lots of shops for shopping and cool little restaurants. I'll show one up ahead not sure what this is but what a awesome entrance tiny little restaurant had lunch there yesterday.pushkar lake is so beautiful. you Wow that might be Human that is definitely Ganesha Hahnemann yeah cool thank about down there is the lake. and take a left here and so the temple that I climbed up the last time is up there behind that building aways. this time I'm going to hike to the top but that went out there. hello namaste great spot to watch the sunset if you're not on top of one of the mountains. so there's the one that I hiked up to a few days ago and there's the other one definitely a quieter scene than in the middle of the camel festival. that's for sure it's nice and so these are the gaps these stone steps that go down to the water they have names there it says Gwalior. get Indra get chandra ghat next one there are 52 Ghats, that go around this lake here .and many many temples in this holy town of Puskar. this is called a Shiva Lingam very cool face they're not sure who that is Ganesha again .and a awesome mural headed back into be laying behind the lake here and I'm going to look for a restaurant to stop and grab a little something to drink, and eat and avoid the dogs.Its nice place of India for visit the tourist.So must be come with your love or friends for enjoy the love of pushkar rajasthan.

Time To Visit:

The best places in rajisthan is pushkar, could be a lovely place within the world.Every year thousand of peoples return for visit the place.As pushkar is found at the beside of ajmer, it provides a cool escape throughout the warmer months. Therefore, the most effective time to go to is between March and Gregorian calendar month, and Gregorian calendar month to Oct. might starts to induce quite hot there. pushkar is best avoided throughout the monsoon months from July to August, because it receives significant rain. Rafting is additionally closed throughout now. Winters, from Nov till February, area unit cold however pleasant, thus bring woo lens. many folks think about the few months simply when the monsoon to be the most effective time to go to, because the landscape is alive, green, and soothing.Before you wish to travel the gorgeous place of Republic of India pushkar please see the time to go to.Before you want to go please check pushkar weather. 

Stay At Pushkar:

Pushkar town in Rajasthan known for its holy lake and its annual camel festival. we can easily walk to get around and it's very tourist friendly, here we have a goat watering hole lighting traveling during the daytime, going browse then to push crew and love how they all have people due to successful seasons in pushkar this room I got for 1000 rupees normally. it might go for something like 500 movies on a non festival, festival day so that's like a big difference which is a pretty decent room. I get a flat-screen TV the Internet when it works sometimes the commute a little slower spotty my bathroom, thank you was too and toilet I've been staying in the 400 to 1000 rupee range. and I've been doing pretty well actually my guesthouse. just gave me what they call the pushkar passport wrist wrap it's kind of like a blessing.

Places For Eat At pushkar:

I'm here at nari on cafe good place and check out this amazing juice pomegranate this looks very intense. full power yeah oh yeah that is the real deal 40 more super-strong Wow. I think that yeah that is amazing.I have here some Penney pasta and I'll explain why I'm eating Italian food in India in a second he still that was at narayana cafe and restaurants recommended by Lonely Planet's real Italian coffee. going to now start walking in the direction of that hill so that restaurants only served Italian food. I didn't know that when I sat down it's a big menu but it is mostly like juices and coffees and then pizza and pasta so na there and it was amazing and I think this is where I stayed here in the pushKAR. yeah cool so.something free food sweet shop cafes since the most is the sweet chutney sauce this one is a local favorite now even though India's not really known for their philosophy buscar I had come to try this place deserve time I walk past this joint it's always crowded and this Kevon restaurant is known or counters have this waffle he founded password-protect I ordered a veg fry of falafel for about 100 rupees you can find that anywhere so here I am in out of the blue restaurant and I'm just having my sense of limits ministering can kinda like a nice frosty drink perfect you can make the mint and the lime juice in it and of course I make this is a mineral water so to speak drinks or planners as you had it earlier.

Road View Of Pushkar:

this is the main road going past Puskar and there's the temple I'm trying to get to on the top of that hill up there so I got a little bit of a walk just to get to the bottom of it still but not too far don't scare him by way that's what we're talking about. when it comes to you know like the worst pollution of India not a good place for a swim incredible this is not uncommon pretty simple to see at some point in a town or village and oftentimes many places this kind of just mind-blowing pollution all right getting closer but I gotta go this way going to the temple this to go to the the temple have to go this this way oh no problem everything good. yeah I'm going to the temple. I have to go straight has gotta go.Anna left home and then right side right side left right take it pigs don't do the good stuff little crazier being here that's straight down into sound there bus station temple from dead this way okay thank you okay thank. I gotta get other side of this wall over here big old bus big old town sugarcane juice machine.I think this is a gonna be the way I've gotten lost trying to get to the top of this mountain before it's kind of a maze you got to go through yeah yeah yeah way to temple all right pretty cool to get some perspective looking down at these buildings and there's the other temple I hiked up to before. 

The Day View Of Pushkar:

in the day you can get a nice view of gas today. they've got hot-air balloons out there sunset hot-air balloon ride and then on derive but I'm having a few drinks incident I've been at this this hill Mountain for about half an hour, and I keep blowing bowls in the front of my jeeps, looking at the steps calculating which is going to be the the easiest at least we know, I'm studying reception up here so we finally made it, we're at the topic of extreme vendor or 7-3 temple and this is the highest point in pushkar where you can look down see a 360 view of pushkar as well as catch the sunset. now that it's getting dark lieutenants drink light up and sub sea temple at dusk. Wow so let's go straight today is getting a little darker yeah is now around 6:15 night is falling really quickly get to do a lot of fog reductions at night. and so even though there are people who might believe that. it's not too safe. I feel like as long as I can keep my street smarts about me pay attention to things going on around me then I will find safety wherever I go. I don't know where OK I'm going to someone I'm hearing activity and like a church nearby so. I can't be that far and looks like maybe a residential area whenever I see women that puts me at ease and thank goodness here we are.

Places For View:

it's free to enter the the lake area but many chaps will approach you will try and get you to pay money for these blessings.if you don't they sort of curse you so this is kind of like my amulet, so here we are at whisk our lake there gets along the lake side and come down you see a lot of donation boxes for them, as well as you'll have to get to about her trying to sell you flour to make wish, it and say prayers for you. coming down this lake is really nice a lot of local people because it's here they consider the water to leave just be aware that some people they take a bath here in the lake. so the you'll see nudity every now and then and the drama Kansas coming up right now. I guess 1:30 in freak when I come back I know there's me a long line. I have to really think about whether or not, I want to go in there well you're not allowed to take bags in you have to talk about doctors, as well as your footwear I'd like Chris man no tongue feel out and actually ,I have way too much valuables in my bags go in there and leave it in locker.
Pushkar has many many temples by going in you will find the designers these energy artists at this temple organizes, all the English we are at the good Ware in pushkar and it is a beautiful pink temple of all marble, when you first enter the temple you have to cover your head don't have your own headdress, you can always take one from outside the camel service car has held each October to November. it attracts over 400,000 tourists and over 11,000 camels and horses traders come to the fair in order to sell their livestock to interested buyers. the mela grams of the fair holds events throughout the day different events going on .there also force exhibition as well as of course camel ride, some of these sellers they gets a hair dress their camels and they kind of decorate them so that they're attractive some of them, shaved the fur off and paint camels or though make little designs on them or even put little accessories or ornaments on them.want to come back to you completely if you only choose to stay indoors in the evenings and you will miss out on a large part of India and that is because at night a lot goes on just make sure that where vehicle happens to be crowded street areas we are using them just for the you know a huge animals to humans in there you know like them and for self now as emily repeat them they work for us and we love syllabus how much does it cost to maintain a camel to mention a camel like hopefully like for a digital one they're meant to have a big rope otherwise they will so dependency you know if I don't you somewhere they will not say we will never let people sit on this

Shopping On Pushkar:

When peoples going to visit any places they want to shopping many things what they want to buy.Girls are mostly attractive for shopping they want to buy many things what they like or use.The street shops are best for chef rate shopping. Every things are av able in there.so don't be think to what you want for. shopping in pushkar is easy the Main Street is like one long shopping strip springing into off shoot streets with cafes and shops selling In do Western Rajasthani inspired clothing esportiva that's receiver okay there are many sword shops here in Chicago I'm not sure why because swords are very lethal it's almost kind of searing I wouldn't want war to break out here India wouldn't be India without it

Festival Of Pushkar:

The peoples going to pushkar for praying.Have many special temple are av able in here.Some are so big and some are little but have a face value of every temple.whole Lake is kind of celebrating puja and this is kind of like a prayer and across the way at the Brahma that there is having a huge puja going on and around the lake you read all the post or the little candle light lining the step of the huge if this guy's proud like it's wonderful chalk drawings that are also lit with either than the level of creativity and beauty of celebration so it makes me happy.

Tips For Side Travel:

The Most best Tips are av able in our site.Shivpuri is a highly recommended side trip, especially if you're into adventure. Located 22 kilo meters (14 miles) upstream, it's a place of mesmerizing natural beauty. You'll find excellent white water rafting there, with Grade 3 and 4 rapids. Tented accommodations with attached bathrooms, such as those provided by Camp Aqua Forest and Camp Ganga Riviera, add to the uniqueness of the setting in the middle of white sand beach and jungle. There's also an excellent bungee jump zone on the road to Neelkanth at Mohanchatti village.So please see the tips of side travel before you go.

FINAL TIPS: Please follow the tips for take a better visit. After sundown it is pitch dark, so bring a light. Watch out for the sometimes brash food stealing monkeys too. They mostly "operate" on and around the foot bridges, and if you look them in the eyes they become aggressive, but rarely/never attack unless you carry food. Sadhus and police officers carry sticks to keep monkeys and cows/oxen at a distance. The brown monkeys are aggressive; the grey big languors are nicer. The greys sometimes steal food from tourists (not on the bridges), but mostly because their size scares the tourist, they don't bite you to get food.Be alert if an ox is on your path.They are mostly harmless, but after dark they are sometimes nervous. Especially on the narrow foot bridges, you should try to read their body language before a close encounter.So please follow the tips for visit the beauty of pushkar city.


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