Marina Beach Chennai | Beautiful Marina Beach Of India With Details

Marina Beach-The Beauty Of India

Marina beach is a beautiful place of India Chennai.Every day thousand of peoples come to see or enjoy this place.Its a long sea beach in India.Have many things to do in this place.Marina Beach is a lovely beach of Chennai. its also the most famous beach in the country, marina beach is more famous than the beaches of Goa.Its water side view is so beautiful to look or enjoy the water bath.Sun set are also look beauty of this place.The look of the sea is SO beautiful.This beach is over 6 km long.Its have a lovely walk place you can run also.Have a horse riding av able here.Have many fruits are av able here,like mangoes,coconut,banana,ets.Have many food stall is av able here.Its have many beauty of her own marina beach.So you can easily spend some nice hours with your love.Eat here drink here and enjoy the beautiful view of marina beach.Must be come here before sun set and stay at late night.its more interesting at night view.So every details are av able here so don't be late to read our website post.We are provided you the best details of marina beach.So come and read the details.Marina Beach starts from Fort St patron saint and ends at Besant Nagar and covers a length of thirteen kilometres. The beach has wide foreshores with dimension around three hundred metres. Over the previous few years it's become a small amount dirty with plastic bottles being untidy everywhere the place however all the same it’s the foremost fashionable picnic spot in Madras.

Best Time To Visit Of Marina Beach:

Marina beach of India is a beautiful beach in the world.As marina beach is located at the side of Chennai city, it provides a cool escape during the hotter months. Therefore, the best time to visit is between April and July, and September to October. May starts to get quite hot there.Marina beach is best time during the monsoon months from July to August, as it receives heavy rain.Its more enjoyable but have many problem in this time.The tornado or cycles is ready also. Rafting is also closed during this time. Winters, from November until February, are cold but pleasant, so bring woolens. Many people consider the couple of months just after the monsoon to be the best time to visit, before you want to go the beautiful place of India marina beach please see the time to visit.Its really a beautiful sea beach of India.

Way To Go Of Marina Beach:

Have many way to go of marina beach.There are 5 ways to get from Chennai to Marina Beach by

Bus:Have many bus to go marina beach from Chennai town.The rent of bus is 20 per head.

Train:Have a near train station of marina beach.

Taxi:The best way to is marina beach is taxi.Its rent is high but its save to go.120 per head.

Town car:Have many town car are available in here so you can go with that.200 per head.

Foot:You can go with your own foot.Its your mood.No cost.

Bast Food Of Marina Beach:

Located on the Bay of Bengal on the Japanese aspect of Chennai dock beach may be a well-liked website for water sport because of its robust currents. thanks to the terribly robust currents, folks don’t sometimes swim. This doesn’t stop folks coming back to the present place in giant numbers. It’s a picnic spot on the weekends and additionally the meeting purpose for kids. There ar range of food stalls on the beach wherever folks fancy snacks and dinner. additionally, there ar various glorious restaurants on the beach some business finest food in Chennai. Chennai is that the best place to undertake the famed “masala dosa”.

Sea Fish:Sea fish is a best one of marina beach.Have many types of sea fish are av able here.Its so tasty or yam my.So don't miss the chance to eat the sea fish from marina beach of India.

Masala Dosa:The masala dosa is also a best food of Chennai.Its a famous food of Chennai india.Everyday many people come for eat the masala dosa.If you are in Chennai so don't miss the chance to eat this lovely food.

Royal Sandwich:Its also a best and lovely food item of marina beach of Chennai.Its Have a chocolate under the sandwich.Its so testy to eat.Try it if you want.

Milaga Bajji:Milaga Bajji is a best testy food of marina beach refers to chili in Tamil but do not worry the chilly which is used is more of a less hot version of our green chili and more of a juicy pepper when it is deep fried in besan batter and eaten hot sure to kick your taste buds.5 pcs costs from rs.

Coconut Of Marina Beach:If you go for bath in the sea then you should must be drink the coconut.Its test is very good.

Green Mango:Green mango also a famous food item of marina beach.
Crab Fry:Best crab fry are av able here.its masala crab also good.Every day many people come for test the crab fry.

Eadly food:Its also a best street food item of marina don't be late for test it.
Things To Do In Marina Beach:

Have many things to do in marina beach.First go to see the beauty of marina beach,then enjoy the water side of marina beach.Horse ride are av able here so you can enjoy the time by riding horse.its to mush excited to riding horse.Have a beach car also here so you can drive the beach bike and enjoy your self.Have a Vivekananda House- Multimedia Cultural Museum here so you can go to visit this place.Have many temples are av able in Chennai for visit you can go there for visit or pray.The famous Shirdi Sai Baba Temple is here also.So you can go here for pray.Have many beautiful places in Chennai for visit and do a great thing.night view are also a best view of marina beach.Have many things to do at go for visit and do some great moment with your love or family.don't be late to go and enjoy the beauty of marina beach.

Aquarium And Pool:
Aquarium, Pool and therefore the Memorials Located on the beach there's associate degree fish tank that is home to a number of the rarest and exotic tropical ocean fishes. The fish tank causes you to want you've got taken a dive into the ocean to look at the attractive fishes. The fish tank additionally homes a range of fresh fishes. there's additionally associate degree Ice House wherever ice are brought from the lakes people and Canada. there's additionally a pool aboard the beach that draws plenty of swimmers. there's additionally a triumph memorial made in memory of Indian troopers United Nations agency died fighting for a people Army throughout the primary and Second war.

Night View Of Marina Beach:

The night view of marina beach is so beautiful.The sound of sea is great to hear.You can enjoy the night drink here,or you can stay with your friends or love to see the sky or star.The night view of marina beach is more great.Don't have to many people are av able in night,so you can enjoy the view of marina beach with your don't be miss the chance to see the night view of marina beach.

Tips For facet Travel:
Marina Beach could be a extremely suggested facet trip, particularly if you are into journey. situated twenty two kilometers (14 miles) upstream, it is a place of hypnotic natural beauty. you will find wonderful foam rafting there, with Grade three and four rapids. Tented accommodations with hooked up bogs, like those provided by Camp Aqua Forest and Camp Ganga geographical region, raise the distinctiveness of the setting within the middle of white sand beach and jungle. there is additionally a superb rope jump zone on the road to Neelkanth at Mohanchatti village.

Stay safe:
Always be safe your salve when you go for travel.Its more then important.Don't believe the local person to much.Most of them are con and they just want to con you for money.And don't eat anything when anyone provided you anythings.Don't go any place where don't have peoples.Its danger for tourist Celestial City it's going to be, however Marina beach attracts over its justifiable share of criminals and con men. do not walk around alone at the hours of darkness and watch out for the motives of sadhus providing one-on-one tutoring. there's conjointly a gem stone hoax happening in a minimum of one gem store: They raise you to bring the stones to your own country to a "buyer" World Health Organization does not exist.

Watch wherever you step:

When hour it's pitch dark, therefore bring a light-weight. be careful for the generally brash food stealing monkeys too. They largely "operate" on and round the foot bridges, and if you look them within the eyes they become aggressive, however rarely/never attack unless you carry food. Sadhus and law enforcement officials carry sticks to stay monkeys and cows/oxen at a distance. The brown monkeys ar aggressive; the gray massive languors are nicer. The greys generally steal food from tourists (not on the bridges), however largely as a result of their size scares the holidaymaker, they do not bite you to urge food.

Final Words About Marina Beach Chennai India:
Thank you for visit our WEBSITE we provided you the best details of marina beach.So don't be late to read our more articles for know about the beautiful places in the world and how to go there for enjoy with your love or friends.The marina beach is so beautiful beach in India.And the 2nd longest beach in the world.If you are a tourist so please be careful from of local peoples of marina beach,they want to con you every time.Enjoy the places of marina beach With your love.Have many marina beach club are av able here.The marina beach Valencia also a beautiful place of marina beach.

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