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Camel Fair Of Pushkar India|The Camel Fair Bikaner-


Pushkar camel fair is a great and big camel fail in the world.The fair is held in every year.Thousand of peoples Come for visit the fair and buy the camel. That's because were at the largest camel gathering in the world,the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan, India.The fairgrounds of the Pushkar Camel Festival is so big.This is one of the largest camel gatherings in the entire world.Its also a holy Hindu pilgrimage site all mashed up into one.Its going to be wild; its going to be chaotic.Its really a beautiful and big camel fair ever in the world.The people come from the others country to see the fair and in Indian people come here to buy the camel.If you want to know about the details of camel fair of pushkar India then you are the right site,Because of our website provided you the best Details about the camel fair of pishkar India.So don't be late go to below and read the details of camel fair.

Way To Go Of Pushkar Camel Fair:

Have many way to go of the camel fair.
By Bus:
You can go with bus.The bus started is near of pushkar city.Bus is a way to go with a low cost.the far of Delhi to pushakr is 7-8 hours and its bus cost are 300 you can go with bus.

By Car:
Delhi airport to pushkar by car is a good option for hassle-free traveling, especially for foreign tourists who are traveling to India for the first time. It's a 6- to 7-hour journey. Prices vary from US$85 for an air-conditioned compact car to US$125 for an air-conditioned.

Details About The Camel Fair Of Pushkar India:


I am stoked to be back at the Pushkar Camel Festival.I was here nine years ago shortly after graduating college after traveling through India for a month.This time were coming back with a different mission.Before I was just chilling, having fun, relaxing.Were going to be writing a 360 articles of this entire experience,but first things first, we need to get into character.There are tons of nomads who come throughout the whole desert.Its a tribe called the Reika who are nomads.They were originally the caretakers of the Maharajahs camel sand have lived for centuries in kind of a pastoral nomad tradition.They all gather here once a year around the full moon, which is a holy day Its a holy pilgrimage site; so basically everyone behind this is buying and selling camels for the first week and then paying homage to Pushkar Lake,which is a holy temple for Rama.So while the men are busy buying and selling camels on the outskirts of the city,the women come in to the center of town to the marketplace where they're basically buying local textiles, super colorful beautiful textiles, and selling camel products to help support the family.This is important because in recent years the nomadic pastoral lifestyle that they've enjoyed for hundreds of years has been coming harder National parks and private lands are encroaching on their grazing grounds So they need to find a way to supplement the income,and one of the ways to do is this.They've also started selling female camels here at Pushkar,which they never did before because they're necessary to keep the herd numbers high.Its not a good sign, but hopefully they find a way to keep this lifestyle continuing in the future.

Out Side Of Camel Fair:


All right right now we are actually in the out skirts of the fair,but this is where everybody camped out.This is where they bring all their animals, and its kind of like a livestock show.People are inspecting horses.They have a special type of horse here called Marwadi,and those were like warrior horses for the Maharajahs, back in the day.This place is a giant carnival.That little girl back there has the best sense of balance Ive ever seen.Have many places for stay in out side the owner of camel are stay there with there camel.Have many food cart or dhaba in this outside,the camel owner and the visitor are going to eat of this place.Have many little shop are av able here for shopping.
Holy Prayer Of Hindus Beside Of Camel Fair:
As we've mentioned Puskar is a holy city for Hindus.Its one of the top five holy pilgrimage sites in all of India.On these weeks pilgrims come from across India to bathe in the holy lake of Pushkar.Basically, the reason they're bathing in this lake is because its believedthat its going to wash away all of their sins.So like Mark said people come from all over Rajasthan ,all over India to come here during this special week to basically cleanse themselves of all the bad deeds in the past.Were going to go down to the Gots and show you more about that when we get there.We were just in the middle of a VR shop,and we were joined by a friendly local.Out behind us is the lake at Pushkar.This is what all of the event centers around.The lake is considered holy to Hindus.In Hindu mythology the creator of the universe, Brahma,had a battle with a demon in which he killed the demon,and three lotus petals fell down from his sword and from those lotus petals sprouted this lake.Its believed that bathing in the lake will wash away all of your sins because during the festival all the gods come here.They bless the devotees, and that's why you're seeing pilgrims coming from all over India.Its all about bathing in the lake,and so behind us is a got.A got is an Indian...basically like a step down to the water.And its where people bathe, both for cleaning themselves in rivers and doing laundry,but in this case, it has a holy significance.Were not supposed to get much closer than we are because were respecting peoples privacy.You're not supposed to film people while they're bathing,but behind us is where all the actions happening.They also light candles, put them out on the lake,and its just generally an amazingly spiritual scene.Were able to film the ceremony because it does not involve bathing.Its a real treat to be able to be here and to capture it on VR.The experience is going to be surreal.

Details About Festival Of Camel Fair India:


Its just as hot, if not maybe a little bit hotter today,but there still plenty to explore.Were going to be heading in kind of closer to the lake today.Were going to be trying tons of food.Its a lot of stuff going to happen.Yeah, today is the Saturday of the festival.Tomorrow is the last day.A lot of the camel trading is wrapped up and some of the camel herders have left town.But the holy ceremony starts now.Tomorrow will be the culmination of the religious event on the full moon.Were just really soaking this all up.Its a lot to take in, so lets go explore.One thing Ive leaned about India is that all of the honking its actually like a form of echolocation and sonar.Basically by honking you're letting people know that you're coming so they don't walk down the middle of the street and get hit by you.We are at the closing ceremonies.There are musicians; there are camel racers;There are people who are going to be carrying pots of water on their head,There are thousands of people in the stadium.Its the most Ive seen all week,and were going to finish this amazing festival with a bang.Its been a wild couple of days.When we showed up, a lot of the major competitions had already finished:the longest mustache competition, the camel beauty contest,but our good luck is that everything is kind of coming together here.You've got the best mustache, the most beautiful camels.Oh there they are. Hold up, we've got to go.We've got to go take a look at the mustaches.That is a mustache!Your name? How much time?15 years. How long?Two meters.Are you the winner this year? No.Who's the winner?Winner is not go. Oh wow.But very good.I'm not a big mustache person.I was forced into making this mustache for November,but these guys live Movember every month.To be completely honest,this entire festival has just been chaotic and insane.There re just so many crazy things unfolding around you at all times,but today is the culmination of the entire event.Its closing ceremony. There re going to be camel races;There re going to be strength competitions.We've got the longest mustaches, potentially in the world here,and we have plenty of camels who seem to be relatively friendly.But then again you never really want to trust a camel because I don't know what hes going to do to me right now.

Stay Beside Of Camel Fair Of Pushkar:


Pushkar town in Rajasthan known for its holy lake and its annual camel festival. we can easily walk to get around and it's very tourist friendly, here we have a goat watering hole lighting traveling during the daytime, going browse then to push crew and love how they all have people due to successful seasons in pushkar this room I got for 1000 rupees normally. it might go for something like 500 movies on a non festival, festival day so that's like a big difference which is a pretty decent room. I get a flat-screen TV the internet when it works sometimes the commute a little slower spotty my bathroom, thank you was too and toilet I've been staying in the 400 to 1000 rupee range. and I've been doing pretty well actually my guesthouse. just gave me what they call the pushkar passport wrist wrap it's kind of like a blessing.

Final Word:Thanks for visit our WEBSITE.Ahh. Hes nice.We haven't told you but all this sort of music here is super typical of Rajasthan.And little known fact, but gypsy or Roma people from Europe supposedly originated from northwestern India a couple hundred years ago You can see the roots, the resemblance.Its kind of crazy, and its really awesome.well that was the Pushkar Camel Festival.Insane experience.Definitely one for your bucket list.If you enjoyed it as much as we did,make sure you give a big thumbs -up,share it with your friends,we write from Pushkar or the ones we write from Rajasthan.

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